Different Types of Wedding Veils and their Importance

Different Types of Wedding Veils and their Importance

Wedding Veils are the classic accessories of any bridal outfit which take the look to another level instantly. After so much struggling for the right dress, shoes and jewelry, it is the right veil that gives finishing touch to the final look of the bride. Thus, their importance while styling a bride should never be overlooked.

Thus we thought of sharing with your top 5 wedding veils with you that are quintessential in bridal shopping. But, before that let’s understand why they are so important to a bride.

Apart from adding an elegant touch to the bridal look, veils have much more to do than this. There are many stories behind their use in a wedding and hence the exact reason why they are a part of bridal outfit can’t be spotted. But, some valid points that we made out after going through all those stories behind veils are discussed here.

Why wedding veils are important?

Veils things have started in the Roman times to keep away the demons from the couple. At that time, the bride used to be covered in a massive red flammeum from head to toe because Romans were scared of evil spirits that might peek into the ceremony and curse the couple.

From then, this belief eventually progressed to use the veil for confusing spirits. Romans believed that if a bride covers her face, then demons won’t be able to make out who is the bride and wouldn’t be able to make the attack. Makes sense, isn’t?

Now, let’s dig into top 5 veils for brides of different tastes and needs.

Types of Wedding Veils

Birdcage Wedding Veil

It is a perfect choice if you are planning a retro or vintage look for your wedding. Pair this evergreen veil with a bold lip color and scintillating accessories. It has a mysterious story in enhancing the bridal makeup and hairstyle.

Juliet Cap

If you are a kind of bride who wants to add some drama to the look, then Juliet cap is a perfect accessory for you. It gives a bohemian touch to the bride, which is usually worn with loose hair and gives an amazing feel while walking down the aisle.

Fingertip Wedding Veil

Confused between the long and short veil? Then, fingertip veil is the right size for you as it come in the mid-length, which won’t obstruct the movement. It gives a sophisticated feel and also allows enough exposure to intricacy on the wedding gown.


Chapel Wedding Veil

For creating the extra oomph and luxury, chapel veils are ideal. They are little longer than floor length veils and hence make your walk down the aisle completely royal. As this long veil is more likely to get wrinkled, it should be steamed well before the wedding.

Elbow Length Wedding Veil

For the brides who want to minimal in their styling, they should try out elbow length wedding veils. They look subtle as they just cover your shoulders and the face frame. For wedding gowns with artistic work around the waist, or to complement your hairstyle, they work the best.


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