How to Select the Right Pair of Shoes for Your Wedding Gown?

How to Select the Right Pair of Shoes for Your Wedding Gown?

Shoes are as important as the wedding gown for a bride. Not only the right size of shoe need to be picked, but it should also go well with the bride, her style, and dress.

So the ultimate aim should be to find out shoes that suits both you and your dress, and are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Fortunately, there are enough options for shoes these days both online and offline. But, unless you are not sure about your personal style, how to carry the whole look and wedding plan ahead, finding the right shoe could be a pain for you.

  1. Go for a shoe that suits your personality


The era of white, high heels for a bride is gone now. Now, brides are free to choose any type of shoe for their wedding. So be it sneakers, sandals, wedges, or cow boots, you can choose anything that you like. The only thing is it should go with your personal style, and should be something that you could confidently pull off and not feel like trapped in it. So pick something similar to the shoe style that you usually wear and feel happy in it.

Like, if you never wear heels, then trying it on your wedding day could turn out to be a blunder.

  1. Go for a shoe that complements your gown

While selecting the shoes, choose colors and styles that blend well your bridal gown. To make sure the color of the gown complements the shoe, you can bring a swatch along with you. If you don’t want the dress and shoe to look like identical twins, then you can are free to set contrasts. Just be creative and choose a shade that stands out yet blends in with the dress. Interesting shades for bridal shoes are yellow, gray, white, black, neutral and violet.


A great tip here is choosing a jewel tone like ruby or emerald to give your complete look a distinctive edge.

  • Always remember if you can’t find the shoe of a specific color, then many shoes can be dyed.
  • If you want for a shoe color that diverts from your dress, then make sure it at least matches with your accessories.
  • You can perk up the shoe look using colorful embellishments like beads, pearls, rhinestones and sequins.
  1. Go for the fabric of your shoe which is similar to gown

Common fabrics that are used in designing a gown include raw silk, stain and crepe. Thus, try to consider shoes from these three categories only if your wedding gown is not decided. In case it has been already finalized, then shop shoes according to its fabric. But, that doesn’t mean you are bound to this rule strictly.


If you want to play around with your bridal look, you have unconventional options like leather, or metallic to try out a different look all together. Just keep in mind there is a risk with shoes made of vinyl or plastic as they rub against week and also don’t breathe well, causing a big trouble to your feet.

  1. Go for a shoe which is comfortable to your feet

Weddings take the whole day, thus you are supposed to be in shoe until you are done with the formal dancing. The truth in case of shoes the comfort as even more important than the styling of a shoe. One can in fact go for a basic, traditional shoe, but should not ever compromise on the size or fitting of a shoe. Brides especially if it is about your wedding, then you should never underestimate the power of the comfortable shoe.


Heels should be considered only when you are used to wearing them. In case you are not, but still want to wear them, then take them few months before wedding and get used to them for a perfect wedding day.

  1. Go with a shoe that matches the style of the occasion

These days couples are going very thoughtful with their weddings. They choose different themes, outdoor locations and offbeat studios to make their wedding day memorable. Go with the theme of your wedding to pick the right shoe for your day.


Also, the season of the wedding should be considered. For instance, in summers shoes like open-toe, and off-white slipper work the best. There is no point of wearing heels on a beach wedding. So consider all circumstances and make the decision wisely.

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