Tips to Accessorize Your Wedding Gowns

Tips to Accessorize Your Wedding Gowns

Though wedding dress is the star of the show, but accessories help to uplift its entire look. They give you a distinctive edge and add a drama to your personality.

Thus, after finalizing the wedding dress, the next job is to decide right accessories for it. Accessories can make or break the look of your wedding gown, and hence special focus should be given to them. This is our short guide to pick the perfect accessories for your bridal gown.

By wedding gown accessories, certain things are fixed like jewellery, veils, shoes, and other accent pieces which give a feminine look. But there is a dizzying amount of options you need to make for these wedding accessories. As they all are fancy, getting tempted towards them is natural. But this temptation should not spoil your wedding day look.

Hence we are bringing to you expert’s tips to make the right wedding gown accessories picks.

#Match Metals

It would be shocking for you to believe but metals suit only certain colors only. For instance, ivory metallic shade suits gold as it accentuates the creamy shade of the fabric. For a sheer white wedding gown, choose accents in the silver, pearl or platinum as gold may clash with white shades. For a distinctive appealing look, you can try off-white colors like yellow gold, pearls, silver or rose gold.

Dresses that are embellished, they should be accessorized carefully too. Like, for a gown for silver beading, you should pick earrings or a necklace with silver base.

#Less speaks more

You necessarily need not to carry a veil, or tiara to look like a bride. Accessorize yourself in a subtle way, emphasizing your best features to look stunning flawlessly. You should not pick every single piece that counts as a wedding gown accessory since it gives an over the top look. To choose the right accessories, do analysis of your gown and find out what are its important features and accordingly make the decision.

For instance, if your gown has a beautiful neckline, then choose earrings over a necklace. For simple gowns, you need bold accessories. Earrings are decided by your hairstyle. For loose hair, choose studs, while for the bund dramatic earrings like danglers work the best.

# Know your veil

Veil is the signature bridal accessory which comes in various forms ranging from ornate mantillas to flirty birdcages.  There is a plenty number of veil options but not each of them is meant for you.

Here are few things to remember when you buy a veil:

  • Color of the veil should complement your wedding gown shade.
  • For dramatic wedding gowns, stick with a simple veil.
  • For gowns with beautiful backs, a sheer veil will be ideal.
  • Consider body type for veils buying.

# Finish the look

There are many more ways of giving your wedding gown a finishing touch. You can go for hair combs, head bands, a flower crown, or fascinators as per your need. Just make sure whatever you choose is easy to carry and doesn’t hinder your mobility. You can check out many other interesting ways to top off the look on the internet.

Hope this helps to make a difference in your wedding day look.


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