3 Most Popular Wedding Gown Trends

3 Most Popular Wedding Gown Trends

These days, Christian wedding gowns are becoming very popular not just in weddings, but also for cocktail parties and the bachelorettes of course. Since they have become a bit hit in Indian weddings too, so we thought of sharing the most popular trends of wedding gowns with you.

Here is the list of different types of Christian wedding gowns to flatter different types of body shapes.

  1. Mermaid or Trumpet Gown

For the women who are totally in love with their body curves, this gown is meant for you. Mermaid wedding dress helps to emphasize the curves and hence accentuates the figure. Even those who feel they have a straight-lined structure can get benefitted from this dress. These dresses should be preferred in certain fabrics like satin, silk, ruched material or organza. As they say without a good innerwear even an expensive dress can’t make you look good. Thus, it is important that you wear the shapewear under dress which would be-bodysuits, and seamless panties for the mermaid dress.

It looks best on women with following body frames-Busty figure, hourglass, tall and slim.  Accessories that go with mermaid dress include-Tiara, watch chandelier earring or a crystal bracelet.  Big No for women with body shape – apple shape, triangle shape, and bulky figures.

  1. A-line wedding gown

For those women who are completely clueless about what is going to suit their body, for them, A-line wedding dresses are a big relief. Whether you have a busty top or a fatty tummy, A-line flare will help you look perfect in both cases. Special or we should say distinctive features about these gowns are they are very simple yet classy. They stand out and are known for their inbuilt elegance. The fabric in which A-line gowns should be ideally used is duchess satin or a taffeta raw silk. The main idea behind this is fabric shouldn’t cling to your body and hide your flaws.

It looks good on women with body frame- All especially pear-shaped, petite one or apple shaped.

Accessories that go with A-line wedding dress include- Diamond drop earring, tennis bracelet or a sophisticated necklace.

Big No for women with body frame- Very slim or too fat.

  1. Tea length wedding gown

Although tea length wedding gowns are not in trend these days, they would definitely be an ideal choice for destination weddings or even beach weddings. They have a shorter look than the usual Christian wedding gowns and hence give a chic look. If you are ok with dresses that have knee length or ends at your calves, then you must try tea length gowns. The best thing about these dresses is they help to reveal your perfectly toned ankles.

These gowns look good in fancy fabrics like net, satin, and silk.

It looks good on women with body frame- Voluptuous, short women and pear shaped women.

Accessories that go with tea length wedding dress include-Crystal jewelry, bridal hat, studded stilettos, and headbands.

Big No for women with body frame-Tall women and hourglass shaped women.

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