Bridal Makeup Tips for Monsoon Season

Bridal Makeup Tips for Monsoon Season

The season of romance has marked its presence. Monsoon is here and the couples who are planning to get hitched in this natural romanticism need to be cautious. Especially, brides need to give special attention to their makeup.

Monsoon bridal makeup is much more beyond the waterproof mascaras and foundation. Humidity, unexpected rain and the fear of spoiled makeup are no less than horrors to a bride. Thus getting married in the monsoon season is not just romantic, but scary too. We assume you don’t want rain to drain your makeup and spoil your big day plans, thus we have come up with this guide.

It will help you to do the right bridal makeup for monsoon season.

# Prep-ups

Before you actually start doing makeup, cleanse your face well with a good foaming cleanser and water. Follow it with a massage with ice cube for at least 10 minutes. This step is required to avoid excess sweating or oiliness on the face due to humidity which is evident during monsoon. This is an essential step and shouldn’t be avoided as unless the makeup base is not correct, you can’t expect a flawless look.

# Toning effect

Only ice is enough to make the perfect base. A perfect toning is incomplete without an astringent/ a toner as per the skin type. For oil skin, astringents work the best where as for dry skin toners can do job well. Toning face will close the open pores so that they don’t clog after using the makeup which often leads to breakouts. Secondly, toning refreshes the skin and is must required during monsoons. Important thing to note here is products you use for toning should be of top quality to avoid skin irritation.

#Priming the face

Primer should always be oil free for monsoon seasons. Ordinary primers can make your face oily after few hours due to the humidity and thus face tends to sweat a lot during rainy season. However, if you will choose oil free primer then it ensures that your face stays sweat and oil free for longer. Hence you will be looking fresh throughout the wedding without any need of touch ups or worrying for the dripping sweat.

#Water based foundation

Monsoon brides need to strike off cream based foundations from their shopping list. The benefit of using water based foundation over the cream one is that former keeps the skin hydrated and doesn’t make it look greasy or sticky in the humidity of the monsoon. The idea way to use foundation is apply it with a clean brush instead of fingers to avoid any trace of oiliness or dirt on the face as they are likely to stick easily in moist season.

# Oil Absorbing powder

To completely remove any chance of sweating, top the foundation with an oil absorbing compact powder. It won’t just help in setting the base but also give you a oil-free and sweat-free look. You would look fresh for many hours and helps makeup to stay intact on your face for longer. Further, the common caking issue with makeup will also be prevented by using the compact powder. For extra precaution, keep blotting papers handy and use them when required.

#Things to avoid

You must avoid any type of cream based makeup product for the monsoon season. So be it eye shadow, blush or the primer, anything should be avoid in the form of cream formulation. Also, avoid using shimmer or glitter on the face as they tend to make look shiny or oily. The best substitute to shimmer is a matte bronzer from a good brand.

# Use waterproof products

The most obvious and important step is using waterproof products. Make sure the eyeliner and mascara you put on is waterproof in nature and purchase them from a reliable brand. For further precaution, use black eyeshadow to set them further. You should also use makeup setting spray on the powdered products to fix them on place and get a flawless look.


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