Best Ways to Reuse your Bridal Gown

Best Ways to Reuse your Bridal Gown

Often the bridal gown is wrapped and stored in a closet after the wedding. It is hardly used or even seen after that, and thus a wedding gown just become a cloth to be treasured after a while.

However, this scenario can be changed. The dress that you have bought after so much research can’t be simply put beneath the layers of linen. You can make the best use of this endearing piece of cloth in many ways. Not clear how? Well, we are here to help you with that. Listed below are some interesting yet easy DIY projects to reuse your bridal gown.

# Design a throw pillow

Your beautiful dress can give rise to some marvellous furnishings, like a decorative throw pillow. Simply cut the embellished part of the dress, or as you like to use the material in designing a throw pillow. You also have the option of using the entire dress for making a set of throw pillows. Bring on your creativity and mix and match various parts of gown to come up with something innovative. Use your favourite parts like beaded back, or the jewelled neckline to deck up the pillow. Or, you can make use of various colored fabrics for en edgy look.

# Sew a patchwork quilt

For making the maximum use of your bridal gown, patchwork quilt is an ideal option. It allows you to incorporate all the fancy features of your wedding gown and design a fascinating creation. To personalize the quilt, you can use special items related to your wedding day, like the hander kerchief used by your parents, or the shirt fabric wore by your husband during the ceremony. Glimpse of the gown wore by your mother on wedding day will further intensify the look of quilt. If not this, you can even bring photos of your weddings on the quilt to make it exclusively dedicated to your special day.

# Tote it up to go anywhere

Brides have one common problem. They all love their wedding dress so much that they wish to wear it every day. The convenient option to flaunt the splendour of your bridal gown is make a tote out of it, and then carry it wherever you go. Believe me it would be the most elegant way of carry your dress on daily basis. If your bridal gown is simple then a daily wear purse can be made out of it. However, if it is more fancy, then an evening tote would work.

#Cut out some accessories

How about making jewellery out of our wedding gown? You would be amazed to know that bridal gowns can also lend you some fresh, fascinating pieces of jewellery. All you need to do is just take out your favourite embellishments, or trimming from the gown, including beads,  buttons etc. For making earrings, get earring backs from the art & crafts store and then glue accessories to it and enjoy you own unique pair of earrings.

Thus, you can see there are many big and small ways of repurposing your wedding gown and enjoy its grace over a long period of time.


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