Different Wedding hairstyles for Christian Brides

Different Wedding hairstyles for Christian brides

Till now we have been discussing about the colors, styles and types of wedding dresses. But today, let’s go to the next step.

What comes after you are done with your dress, shoes, and lingerie shopping for the wedding day. It’s your hairstyle.

The kind of hair-do you choose can make or break your wedding day look. So choosing it wisely is very necessary. Even if you are hiring a makeup specialist, still it is advised to have a basic knowledge about different hairstyle options to get the best look on your D-day.

This blog is especially dedicated to Catholic brides who need guidance on bridal hairstyles.

  1. Bun with tiara

Many women think that buns are possible with long hair only. But even if you have medium -length or short hair, you can beautifully flaunt the bun updo. It has a pouf at the front and side parting at the temples. When worn with a tiara, it looks simply astonishing. It is a super cool hairstyle which might need few helping hands. It should have the retro look with bobby pins inserted inside it. Further, tuck it on the twists of hair sections and adjust the veil with pins at the back. Top-notch tiara adds elegance to the look.

  1. Twisted Bun

For women with long, thick hair this is a pretty Christian wedding hair-do. And those who don’t have, they can always use the hair extensions. It is very easy to get this look with a little help. Just leave three inches from the roots and curl rest of your hair. Then take few top sections for twisting and convert them into a bun, while leaving the rest of your hair behind to flow. The bang in the front can be swept to side. You can accessorize this bun with floral pins.

  1. Beach Waves

If buns are not something that you like, then keep things simple and wavy. Beach waves are stunning and gives an effortless look. All you need to make beach waves look special for your wedding is right kind of accessories like big floral ones, or a hat veil. It is necessary since simple flowing hairstyle can be made amazing with the right choice of hair accessories.

  1. Wavy Pony

Some don’t like  to leave their hair loose. Especially if it’s a summer wedding, then pony would be a better option. But a simple, plain pony won’t be the right way to do on your wedding. So here is the twist. Be a glamorous bride by doing a wavy pony. For this you need to get waves in your hair through a curler. Once you are done, then tie a pony by bringing all your hair at one side. For this style, a big dazzling hair accessory is must. Also, you have the option of white ribbons for the fairy feel.

  1. Crown Puff

For an intricate hairstyle, crown puffed hairstyle will do wonders. Just make the puff at the front and combine it with layered ringlets. Using a side veil let your hairstyle look ravishing. These days side veils are more preferred by the brides and hence are getting more and more popular. This is an amazing way if you want to make your hair look great, without covering them completely.


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