What Questions to Ask Yourself before You Buy a Wedding Gown?

What Questions to Ask Yourself before You Buy a Wedding Gown?

There are various guides and online tutorials to teach you what types of gown suits your body type. But no one will tell you what questions can help you find out the best wedding gown.

To make your wedding gown shopping more convenient and interesting, we have made a list of must-know questions for every prospective bride. This list has been made after interviewing many married women and analyzing what goes in bride’s head while shopping for her big fat wedding.

So here are the questions all going-to-be brides should definitely ask themselves.

  1. When to start shopping for my wedding gown?

Generally, brides have a time of 18-21 months to go and look out for the perfect wedding dress. However, you must know how much time the whole process actually takes. It will help you to measure your speed and to know whether you are going too slow or are in a rush to find the dress of your dream.

So I will advice you not to start shopping too early or too late. If you will start buying too early your head will be full of options and you will be all confused even few weeks before the wedding. And if you start too late, you will be running out of time and thus you will pick stuff that you might regret later. So avoid any scenario.

  1. Do I need to fix appointments?

If you are a kind of person who needs the third person reviews, especially from the professional, then you must fix appointments with the boutique’s consultants. Going with your bridesmaids is something different, but fixing an appointment is different. Because your bridesmaids might not be able to give you the honest, and the expert advice while in the latter case both can be expected.

  1. Which style will suit by body shape?

This is the most common yet an important question that every bride pops up. You want to ensure that you are not in a wrong size, or not in an outfit which is not meant for you. So to make sure you pick the right type of dress, it is must to know what actually suits you and what silhouette would be totally blunder on you. For this you need to first define your body-whether it’s apple shaped, or pear shaped, timid or fat, bulky or square and so on.

 Accordingly you can research and come to know what options you need to check out and what things you must avoid. It won’t just save your time but will also increase the possibility of picking the perfect attire.

  1. Wedding gown cost includes alterations or not?

Remember it is not just another casual shopping where you can just pick the dress and walk away. You need to be cautious in the store you pick for your wedding gown, what all its costs include and what other expense it bring along. Then only the things will fall under your budget. Otherwise you might feel clueless, and clumsy.

Especially, if you are buying wedding gown online make sure it is right for your body. If you are about to buy it from a wedding gown boutique in Mumbai or some other place, then ask them how can you get precise measurements. Do they provide alteration service and at what cost?

  1. What is the cancellation/refund policy?

For brides who love online wedding gown shopping they need to be cautious about what kind of site they choose for the business. Pick a reliable website and read their all terms and conditions policy. Especial focus should be on cancellation and refund policy. Sometimes wedding gowns that are on sale or discount are not subjected to cancellation or any refund. So be aware of all these hidden terms.

Don’t rush. Act smart and look great.


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