Colourful Wedding Gowns that will Blowout Traditional Bridal Dress Styles

Colourful Wedding Gowns that will Blowout Traditional Bridal Dress Styles

Wedding gown trends keep changing, but not its colors. Brides till date prefer white over any other color for her big day.

But do you have another choice?

Of course, you do. But the thing is are you ready to embrace the unconventional styling?

No doubt, white is the classic and elegant shade for bridal gowns, but colorful wedding gowns capture hearts more easily. Just imagine how beautiful you can look in shades of pale pink, blue, light lavender or lime green. As the brides of 21st century are turning colorful we tell you what are the best shades to rely on to take a step away from old school traditions.

It’s high time to add a twist to your personality with these super fascinating bridal shades.

# Bring me gold

Golden shade has the beauty that it can look elegant and formal at the same time. You can make a choice between champagne or golden shade to give your wedding look a scintillating spark.


Golden wedding gowns complements gold-tinted decor or the bright shades of flowers. A hot option for the bold and daring brides who don’t mind breaking the rules.

# Dive in blue

Need something calm and serene? This is the safest bet you can make to look simply breathtaking on your wedding day. Blue wedding gowns are in hypes these days.


Thus you can find a pretty much nice variety in this shade like aqua blue, navy blue, baby love or sea blue. Embrace the smoothness of blue for outdoor locations.

#Blush in Pink

You might have seen many celebrities slaying in this sweetest shade. This color is dear to women’s heart and is really charming in captivating others. It comes in many tones ranging from light to dark.


So it’s totally upto you how much creative you want to go with your wedding gown. So if you want to be that sweet and innocent bride with pretty smile, go for it girl.

#Why not purple?

This is one the latest shades that has made to designer’s collection. The super hot purple is making statements on the runway and so can you while walking down the aisle.


Let the people be in awe of you when you come up with this sleek and gorgeous shade. It could be sweet as lavender or hot as magenta. So you decide the intensity, and be sizzling in this super cool shade.

#Bring me yellow

The softest among all, yellow has been kept far from the mainstream so far. But not anymore. Now when you talk about colorful wedding gown, yellow will also be counted.


It is an enchanting shade which you can freshen up your mood instantly. If the excitement and nervousness is overpowering you, then this beautiful shade can definitely save you.

#Turn me red

The last, but not the least. It is a super powerful shade that makes sure you rule the world, at least for a day. The bold and luscious red when comes in, automatically a sense of confidence and pride comes to you.

Party Gown With Applique BeadingYou will feel super sexy in a red wedding gown. Make it frilly, or keep it simple, anyhow it is going to be the talk of town.


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