6 Rules to look Great in your Wedding Gown

6 Rules to look Great in your Wedding Gown

Want to know how can you look picture-perfect on your D-day?

It’s not just one wedding dress that can make you look fabulous on your wedding day. There are many other things too that you need to consider for looking simply mesmerizing on the big day.

What are they?

Well, we have made a list of 6 questions which you must know to make the right pick and look great in your wedding.

So let’s check out these top 6 rules to look great in wedding that no one has told you ever before.

#1 What to wear inside?

 Your undergarment can totally change the appearance of your wedding dress. Those who are open to off-shoulder or backless dresses, need to go for a strapless bra or a regular one with transparent straps. For the right undergarments, you need to take your measurements before you start the shopping process. If weight loss or gain is on your plan before wedding, then measurements are more important. You won’t believe, but one cup size small or two inches extra too make a big difference in how your dress looks on you.

#2 How much makeup is enough?

Being wrapped up around the pristine white fabric often makes us feel conscious about looks. Even slightest dark circles which were hardly visible otherwise would now look stark. Even the pale red lipstick would look more paler under the bright lightning. All such things together make many bride hyper-aware of their looks. So just remember in order to look good you need to be apply layers of makeup. Just try to be as natural and pleasant as much possible.

#3  Are you friendly to your consultant?

Whosoever is assisting you in your wedding gown shopping makes sure is honest to you. Then only you can expect genuine advice from them. What’s even more important is you should be friendly to them. You should be able to speak no that dress fits me too tight, or those sleeves makes me feel low in confidence. Don’t just buy anything under any obligation. Even if you hire an expert from the industry, you don’t have to follow them. After all it’s your wedding and it’s about you. So be open to suggestions and do what makes you feel comfortable.

#4 How to test the dress aisle test?

Just to ensure that you look great in the dress in every way, see it from all angles. Thumb rule is you need not to make the decision in hurry. Check it from all side, with jewellery and hairstyle and with the undergarments you would wear on the wedding day. All these things are often overlooked but they need to be given equal importance. So go ahead, twirl in it, sit, stand, do shimmy and analyze how you feel. If it makes you feel good in every action, you have picked the right one.

#5 Have you asked for discounts?

Every bride feels stuck at one dress but due to its price, they don’t consider it buying. If it happens with you, try it first and then see how it looks on you. If you find it really comfortable and beautiful on your body, then you can ask the manager for discount availability. It is always good to ask, than to pass through it thinking it is not under your budget.

#6 Are your ready with all details?

When you are about to buy a wedding dress or hand it over to the tailor for final adjustments, you would be bombarded by the questions. So get ready with the questions like how much heel you are going to wear, what is the precise size of your regular clothing, do you need sleeves or not, how about some embellishment, or raising the waist, and so on.


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