5 Tips to Buy Wedding Gowns for Plus-size Women

5 Tips to Buy Wedding Gowns for Plus-size Women

It’s not easy to do wedding gown shopping, especially in plus-size since most of the designers curate their creations in standard sizes only. But you should never mind. Most of the boutique collections are not full-figure friendly.

Thus, buying a perfect plus size wedding gown for you, regardless of your body shape and size, might prove an unpleasant experience.

So here is a guide to help you find the dress that makes you feel great in your skin.

# Ruched fabric is a versatile decorative addition on a gown which suits every bride regardless of her body shape or height. It not only enhances the gown appeal, but also supports and gives dress a defined structure. If you are going for a gown with ruched pattern, then make sure it is in asymmetric form.

#Don’t settle for less. Just because of your body shape and size you shouldn’t compromise on anything that your heart doesn’t approves. If you have the dream of walking down the aisle in your favourite designer’s creation be it Vera Wang or Lhuillier, then you should definitely get one. Remember it’s your life’s big day, so make your wedding memories as beautiful as you can with a dream gown in your hand. Some designers do custom measurement as well, so don’t worry about the size.


#Avoid gowns which look as if they have been joined together from two separates. For example, if the bodice is of one style, and the skirt is of entirely different fabric or texture, then the overall appearance of gown would not be much impressive. The tip here is fabrics with different shapes and fabrics cut the body in a visually unappealing way. It doesn’t mean a gown should be made of one fabric entirely, but certainly it must be made of fabrics which blend is fluidly.

# Plus size brides should go for gowns that provide maximum coverage. So anything in A-line especially with an empire waist would give you a flattering coverage. Beauty of A-line is waist starts right under the bust line and goes out into A-line, and hence becomes an ideal silhouette for brides who want to be more chary.

#Plus-size brides are generally ashamed of their body curves and hide them. But you need to accentuate them with the help of dropped waist gown. It is also called mermaid gown which helps to create curves and gives you a sexy appeal. Brides who think they don’t have a defined waist, for them the bodice of dropped waist corseted gown can help out. Another benefit of drop waist is it also allows you to have fullness since it flares out at the bottom of the dress, just like a mermaid silhouette.



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