Wedding Gown Preservation within your Budget

Wedding Gown Preservation within your Budget

After the big day celebrations, you get engaged in a new life with your partner, and your beautiful wedding gown which you have finalized after months of hard work finally goes in the basement, or at the back of closet.

Unfortunately, these are not the suitable locations to save wedding gown for your next generation. Why? Because wedding gowns are designed using delicate fabrics, and if they are not treated properly, damage due to stretching, fraying or yellowing can be caused. Your little ignorance can waste hours you spent in wedding dress shopping.

Thus,  to ensure your bridal gown remains in the best condition, it is necessary that you follow certain cleaning and preservation guidelines. This blog post is dedicated to help you make the educated decision regarding your wedding gown care and preservation.

Guidelines to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Dry cleaning

The first and basic step that need to be done within 24-48 hrs of wedding day is dry cleaning your wedding gown. The whole process of makeup, reception, sweat and food could leave many stains on the gown which need to be cleaned with professional care as soon as possible. So dry cleaning is must.

In case dry cleaning can’t be done, then place your gown in a cloth garment bag instead of a plastic one.

Caring the fabric

Every fabric is different and hence needs different type of care. So to preserve your wedding gown, first find out what is the material of your bridal gown. Common types of fabrics that are used in designing of gown include satin, tulle, chiffon, lace, and each one of them has a different cleaning technique.

Satin fabric needs to be dry cleaned or washed in cold water with a mild detergent, followed by natural air drying.

Charmeuse can also be dry cleaned or hand washed using silk product in cool water, followed by natural air drying.

Chiffon & organza gowns are very delicate and hence should only be dry-cleaned.

Tulle need to be only hand washed soap flakes or mild soap and warm water. Don’t dry in direct sunlight.

Lace is meant to be hand washed with cold water and gentle detergent. Soak it in water for 30 mins and rinse. Dry it naturally.

Preservation Kits

After the professional dry cleaning of the gown, from your local dry cleaner get acid-free boxes, acid-free tissue papers to store you dress in it. Otherwise, if you can afford, get wedding gown preservation kits which come at high price but they make up for it with increased convenience.

In case, your dry cleaner doesn’t provide you with acid-free material for bridal gown storage, then consider boxing companies. From them you might get a box to protect your dress from external environmental factors like dust, humidity, etc. The major key in storing the wedding dress is to get pristine packaging for it along with acid free tissue paper to wrap the gown completely, especially in between the sleeves and other crevices.


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