Important Things to Know Before Wedding Gown Shopping

Important Things to Know Before Wedding Gown Shopping

Before you step into the bridal shop, it is necessary that you brush up your wedding gown shopping fundamentals.

It won’t just help you to buy a masterpiece for your big day, but will also prevent you from investing on unnecessary products. As we all know how tedious and stressful it is to buy wedding dress, this blog post can help you to sort out things to a great extent.


You don’t have to go through countless wedding gowns, as we have got few tips for you to make wedding gown shopping less laborious. All your pre-gown shopping doubts can be put to rest by the end of this post.

So read it and enjoy.

#1 Limit your Entourage

The very first rule of wedding gown shopping is don’t bring your big group to the shop. Pick one or two of your closet pals who can give you honest reviews, instead of just being sweet. They are the right people to assist you in choosing the right dress for your weddings. This way you will feel less pressurized in choosing the right gown of your dreams, without much fuss.

#2 Consider Hidden Costs

Always remember you are not just buying the wedding gown. There are many hidden cost involved in buying the wedding dress like the veil, and the alterations that are often required at the bottom line. So make sure to consider these factors before going to the salesperson and while deciding the gown-shopping budget.

#3 Lingerie is Optional

Many women overlook the fact that bridal shops have different types of bras in the fitting room. So if you have decided to wear your favorite strapless or planning to wear a body shaper, so don’t forget to bring it to the dressing room. You will need the undergarments for the first sitting and not in your initial appointment.

#4 Salons do that Requests

You need to understand that it is not mandatory that if you are visiting your favorite designer salon, then it will have the exact wedding that you’ve seen in a magazine or online. But it is possible that if you contact to the concerned person of the salon and inform them about your needs in advance, then staff might arrange for you a sample of gown.

#5 Don’t get Discouraged

As there are hundreds of bridal designers and thousands of gown outlets out there, it gets very difficult to choose the right gown for you. So if you come empty hand on your first trip, don’t be disheartened. After all, good things take time. So be happy with the fact you didn’t buy anything wrong in hurry. Search patiently and cherish the best.


#6 Consider present body type

The best way to get the right fit in your wedding dress is by determining your body shape. Find out whether you are pear, hourglass, full, thin, or petite before you begin the shopping. It will help you in filtering out the styles that are not meant for you, making your wedding gown shopping less tedious. Even if you are planning to weight drastically for wedding, your body frame is going to remain the same.


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