Inspiration for the Brides who don’t Prefer White Gowns

Inspiration for the Brides who don’t Prefer White Gowns

Many times brides are seen popping up questions about wedding gowns like,

“Do I have another choice other than whites?  or Can we have something in colorful shades apart from ivory and white?”

So it seems like many brides are not looking forward to follow the tradition of white in their wedding. They are ready to experiment and feel excited about breaking the monotony of white wedding gowns as their traditional dress. Thus they look out for colors that can reflect their personality and sense of styling.

If you fall into the same group, then here’s a series of good news for you:

#1 Best part about not wearing a non-white wedding dress is you look distinctively beautiful and set new trends for the upcoming brides effortlessly.

#2 You get a chance to explore new arena of beautiful colors, more beautiful than your local bridal boutique. and say about your personality and how you even feel about your wedding through shades. Just imagine what else could be more endearing than this?

#3 If you have to strictly follow the white wedding dress rule, then you still have the option to look amazing. Save your creativity and thrill for reception and special wedding occasions to look simply sensational.

#4 Whatever your budget is colorful wedding gowns fall in a wide variety ranging from affordable street styles to luxurious gowns from the designer boutiques.

Here are some inspiring gowns in a colorful range to brighten up your wedding ceremony that are meant for women who dare to be different and find passion in breaking the norms.

Bridesmaid Gowns Styles by La Fantaisie

You can start with something elegant like this pinkish gown range. The one thing that I like most about these gowns is-the fact they all can be worn again to a glamorous evening or even a summer garden party. Further, the cuts used to give them distinctive appeal is simply mind alluring. Gowns like them could surely beat any white wedding dress effortlessly. This range of peach/pink tone sings a melodious symphony of elegance and can look even more magnificent with a flower bouquet.

Miss India 2015 Aditi Arya 4
Party Gowns with Lace Applique

If you are open to make bold colorful statement, then this bright red gown should be your wedding gown. This is the color that is attention-grabbing and looks fabulous at all times of the years and in all seasons. You can even go for coral shades in red to play little bit with the feeling of the gown. Since the color is too bright, try to tone down the things with the pearl or diamond jewelry or white beads in hair.


I simply can’t get enough of this pretty colorful wedding gown-dipped in the grandeur of light pink. It is somewhere between the white and pinkish tone, and hence the safest choice to make who are afraid to break the tradition of white wedding gown. It has a sweet feminism attached to it which would lure more and more visitors towards you.


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