Cocktail Party Gowns – How to dress it Right?

Cocktail Party Gowns – How to dress it Right?

We all love cocktail parties and the fun they bring along. However, choosing the right cocktail party wear dress seems to be a tedious task for many women. The concept of cocktail parties was introduced somewhere in 1920’s and at that time there used to be strict rules to dress during these parties.

But as the time passed, things got easy. Now there are no strict themes to follow, and hence we have so many choices to consider, which in return trouble us a lot. Common we all know how difficult sometimes it becomes to choose even from pink and fuchsia, sheer and lace or sleeve and without sleeves.

Miss India 2015 Aditi Arya 4
Miss India 2015 Aditi in La Fantaisie Party Gown

We are worried about whether the dress is going to look too formal, or it is too casual. There are so many such questions and many more that make the whole process of buying cocktail party gowns quite troublesome.

So today we are going to solve this problem for you to some extent. Through this blog post you will come to know some exciting ways to dress for a cocktail party for any theme in no time. In other words, it is going to save you from the embarrassment of dressing up wrong.

Tips to be the Diva in your next Cocktail Party

# Party Theme

The theme of cocktail party is mentioned on the invitation card usually. If not, then take cues from the designing and styling of the invitation card to understand the kind of ambiance that can be expected from a particular party. If it is a casual outdoors party, then you need to wear light tones and keep everything elegant about you. In other words, avoid too many accessories and too much of makeup. Lipstick and studs would be enough.


For the evening party, get yourself a stylish knee-length dress and team it up with a stylish jewellery and glittering shoes to dazzle in the night.

# Dress Code

Just like the theme, dress code is also mentioned on the invitation card generally. If not, then follow the general rule of knee-length cocktail party gowns. They come in a variety of styles and fabrics. In case the party theme says formal cocktail dresses, then buy a shining golden dress that makes you the head turner.

Cocktail dresses are usually the mix of casual and glamorous dresses so make sure not to over dress your elegance.

# Avoid Casual Fabrics

Never ever pick casual fabrics for cocktail wedding party gowns. It is the most common crime committed by women in cocktail parties. So to avoid this crime avoid fabrics like jersey, denim, etc for these kind of parties. If you are not in  mood to wear a dress, then you have the option of trying a stylish top with superb details and well fitted skirt or a pair of fitted pants. Don’t forget to accessorize the look.


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