Golden Rules to Buy Wedding Gowns in Chennai

Golden Rules to Buy Wedding Gowns in Chennai

If you don’t want to break in finding the ideal wedding gown in Chennai, then here’s the ultimate guide for you.

Instead of discussing about types and styles of wedding gowns, today we would give emphasis to do’s and don’ts for buying the bridal gown. Keep cool and find out the best wedding gown here.


  1. Use a Good Judgment:

If you are not the fashion conscious bride who always stays updated with what’s going in and what’s going out of the fashion world, then subscribing to an active wedding gown blog(like ours) is what we will recommend you. Here you will find every possible guide on wedding gown, including ideal fabrics for wedding gowns, different styles of bridal gown, gowns as per different body types, bridal gowns for different locations like Mumbai, Chennai and many more.

These guides will help you to choose the perfect bridal gown even if you know the least of fashion. So your work is to just use your good judgement is finding right wedding gown blog and go through it.

  1. Give yourself Enough Time for Planning:

Don’t leave everything for the last minute. Adopt a proactive approach and indulge in pre planning. Don’t expect things to be finalized overnight, as it will lead to only chaos and confusions.


So take enough time, ideally a month to find your dream wedding dress within your budget. Make use of this time fully to find out accessories, undergarments and shoes to buy the complete look, and still have enough time for rehearsals and corrections.

  1. Embrace Soft Fabrics & Bold Colors:

Since its your D-day, you need to be fashionable and comfortable as well. So to accomplish both the needs from one wedding gown, it is important to focus on two features: fabric and color. Make sure the fabric you choose is friendly to your skin, and suitable for the season as well as location of wedding. Then only you can expect yourself enjoying your wedding thoroughly.

Further, choose bold colors to not look dull in the glitz and glamour of your wedding decorations. Solid shades look best and help to make statement, so don’t be restricted to only whites. Break the conventional norms to be the chic bride.

  1. Master the Art of Layering:

Be elegant and still fashionable by adding layers to your wedding gown. Now what kind of layers you can use? We are talking about the capes, pastel cardigan, net sleeves, veil, solid jacket with white gown, lace tank , or sheer blouse and many more. The main idea is to give a creative, well-planned and executed look to the bride.

  1. Give Special Attention to Tailoring:


Even if you followed all the above points, but overlooked the fitting of your wedding gown, then all your efforts will go into vain. So make sure you choose the professional to fit your wedding gown. It should be neither too loose , or too tight, and must have the right fit in which you can easily move around, instead of feeling suffocated.


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