Wedding Trends to Follow in 2017

As we are still soaking in the freshness and newness of new year, here’s something exciting for you.

Those who are expecting wedding bells in 2017, this blog is must-read for you guys. It is all about the wedding trends that are about to rule this year. So you better be ready to embrace them and execute your wedding completely in vogue. You will find here every small detail that is required to throw a trendsetting wedding party.

We will talk about the wedding invitation cards, cakes, bridesmaid dress, catering and many other things that consumes most of the time in wedding preparations.

Wedding trends that you’ll love in 2017

  1. Customized Theme Wedding

Couples are now more concentrating on creativity in their weddings. They thus go for personalized, theme based wedding. So to be trendy in your wedding start thinking of the theme that reflects your taste, speaks of your mind and justifies your love. You can be creative in terms of your wedding venue, like an ancient building, romantic outdoor location, or a theme based wedding decoration.


  1. Say your love with colors

Plain, white weddings are no more in fashion. So start planning for colors that you would like to incorporate in your wedding. Shades of pink, blue, yellow, green or red, choose whatever you like the best. You can even mix and match colors to make ambiance more interesting. Right from your wedding gowns, centrepieces to lightning objects, fill everything with colors to brighten up the wedding venue.

  1. A fancy welcome passage


Wedding couples are making extra efforts to not just make their wedding look special, but also make their wedding guests feel special. So couples that are planning to take vows in 2017 need to make their wedding entrance exotic. Let your guests get the vibes of exclusivity of your wedding the moment their enter the celebration venue. You can use custom made decoration piece, floral arrangements, lights, ribbons, thrilling entertainment equipments, colored drapes and other accent decorative pieces to set up a distinctively beautiful environment.

  1. Social Media Activity

Get more active and open about the next big thing about to happen in your life. Not just a wedding card, you need to make your own personal wedding page and circulate it on social media platforms with a personalized hashtag. Be it FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram, let your wedding go viral and become the sensation in real-time. Keep updating about your pre-wedding preps to connect with many more couples and see what a great fun it becomes.

Shoot videos of your wedding day and post-wedding vacation to further extend the thrill and who knows you might become the celebrity in this whole process.

  1. Innovative Wedding Gown

Of course a wedding gown, which would be scrutinized by all the people in your wedding need to be innovative. Be the unconventional bride in your wedding ceremony and badass woman in your reception. Yes, buy two gowns for both the events to speak for diverse creative streaks. Otherwise, adopt an affordable approach and buy a gown with removable skirt. This way you can have the benefits of a ball gown and sheath dress in the price of one.

There are many other gorgeous options for gowns in bright colors, stunning silhouettes, and dramatic styling. Pick the one that defines you and have a fabulous gala time.


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