Summery Wedding Gowns to Look Radiant on a Sunny Day

Summer wedding is a pain if you didn’t get the airy and comfortable venue.  Same goes for bridal wedding gowns as well. I am sure no bride wants to get captured in a sweaty look her D-day. So here’s a guide to get that refreshing bridal dress for your summery wedding day.

t3flteknzq5The duration of June, to August, is the third most popular time for weddings. This is the period where brides are often seen uneasy in their heavy wedding dresses due to the extra heat and humidity of the season. The scenario is worst if the wedding takes place in outdoor location. By now you can easily make out that the very first thing that bride needs to look into summer wedding dress is-

“A summer wedding gown should not just look great on you, but must also have the ability to keep you sweat free, and comfortable under the open sky”.

Now, how can you find such summer-friendly dresses? Well, listed below is the choicest collection of summer wedding gowns, inspired by the latest trends on the runway. You can go through them and find the one that best suits you needs and style.

Delicate Lace

The flirty details that you need on your gown to make it bewitching are possible with lace. It is an iconic fabric which is helping from ages to curate timeless dresses. Some of the best varieties of lace include Alengon, Dresden, and Chantilly. Along with fine details and feminine feel, lace helps to get an invigorating, rustic look, perfect for summers. It is interesting to see how this fabric redefines the look through appliqués, overlays, and trims which simply embrace the body shape softly. Every year, fashion designers give us new reasons to celebrate this fabric by mastering beautiful, impactful and modern lace dresses with beautiful motifs and cool quotient.

Modern Short

Though not many brides prefer a short dress, but the trend of contemporary short wedding gowns will certainly inspiring some of them. It is the latest trend, where wedding gown has tea length, somewhat above the knee. Those who can’t play the bold game, relax. There are many less revealing and still tempting styles for you to choose from this bracket. They are very graceful, and yet give you a sexy edge to turn heads. With a trail in your short wedding gown and a charming bow, you can certainly win all hearts.

Sensuous Backs


What could be more breathing than an open back wedding gown? You won’t be just utterly comfortable in this attire, but would be carrying a style of seductive bride. So if you don’t mind to break the rules and play it boldly, then backless wedding gowns are all you need. However, there are some cautions to consider while sporting such a daring style.

If you have a beautiful back, with no excess fat bulging out from your outfits. Most importantly, only if you can feel confident while wearing a backless, then you only you need to try this outfit. Even if there is an inch of hesitation, then drop the idea.


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