How to Select to Your Cocktail Wedding Gowns & Dresses?

The stress of finding the right wedding dress starts building up right from the day your wedding date is finalized.

You just want the best, but you can’t actually put that “best” into words. Some have the hazy picture of runway model in gown, some are stuck at marvellous piece of a designer’s collection, and some want to imitate the wedding style of their favourite actor.

This is what all going-to-be brides usually have in their minds while shopping for their wedding gown. They go through the best online wedding gown portals, bridal magazines, or wedding stores with almost no clue what they actually need. Right from their friends, style consultants to relatives, they call everyone and yet can’t feel confident about choices they make.

Suggestions and advices from all finally muddle up in their minds and eventually they feel directionless. And this is how the entire excitement of wedding shopping goes in vain. To stop this happening to you, we have designed a strategy, divided into two sections, to make the wedding gown shopping a pleasant experience.

  1. Start with the homework

Before you submerge your head into heaps of gowns, take enough time to fill our pre-shopping questionnaire. Make sure your answers as precise and detailed as possible. As they will help to build the effective action plan for your wedding gown shopping, you need to keep make it as personalized as possible. Answers need to reflect your needs, and taste to eventually get what you desire. Don’t panic if you don’t know some of the answers. Just remember you are in the black zone right now, and you have the option to come back when you get the answer.

So, here are the questions to define your dream wedding dress.

  1. Can you sketch your dream wedding dress? Or write the specific details about it?
  2. Do you want to reflect your own personal style in your wedding dress?
  3. What is the type of your body shape?
  4. What is your budget for buying the bridal wedding dress?
  5. How much time you have to shop the dress?
  6. Your wedding is in outdoors or indoors? Specific weather conditions, if outdoors.
  7. Are cultural traditions important to you, or you don’t mind breaking the norms?
  8. Are you trying to complement your wedding gown with the wedding venue, or your beau’s outfit?
  9. Do you want to imitate the style of any particular wedding dress?

Make sure to keep your answers as specific as possible. It will give you the basic understanding of wedding gown you need, and brings you out from your black zone to some extent.

With your customized dream wedding gown list you can progress to step 2.

  1. Plan of Action

You are ready to hunt for your wedding dress now. But to know the direction in which you need to go, fill our wedding-shopping questionnaire first. It lists questions along with to get your dream wedding dress swiftly.

  1. From where to get updated?
  • Blogs dedicated to wedding collections
  • Google the latest top trends for wedding gowns
  • Get the latest edition of bridal magazine
  • Consult your friends who got married recently
  1. From where to buy bridal wedding gown?
  • Wedding gown stores
  • Reliable online wedding portal
  • From trusted boutique who can give customized dress
  1. When to start shopping for bridal gowns?
  • Preferably after engagement
  • Minimum 6 months before if you are buying designer bridal wedding gown

     4. How to know which wedding style is meant for you?

  • Any specific brand or designer that you admire the most, or
  • The style which makes you feel confident about your assets
  • A certain style that you admire the most
  1. Is your dress available in standard size of the market?
  • If yes, you have enough time for small alterations
  • If no, then go for customized bridal gown service
  1. Whom to take for wedding gown trials?
  • Mom
  • Friend
  • Anyone who can be honest in his or her opinion

Congratulations! You have reached the end of plan B. By now you must be clear about what to wear and from where to buy it. Don’t confuse yourself by exploring many options. Stick to the options that you find through this strategy and finally you’ve got the one indeed that seemed so difficult to conquer initially.


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