Guide to Choose Perfect Wedding Gown in Hyderabad

Not just for the bride, but finding an appropriate wedding gown is a challenge for wedding guests too. This possible fashion challenge can be conquered and you can get your perfect wedding gown in no time.

All you need to do for being a pleasing wedding guest is:

Follow the dress code to find out the courteous wedding gown for you. In order to respect the bride and groom wishes, it is must that you strict to the dress code they have pre-decided. You shouldn’t look either underdressed or even overdressed for the wedding.

When dress code is not mentioned, you need to use your brain. Like, what works for an evening reception in a city restaurant will not work for the afternoon wedding in a country church. And sometimes even the place matters. For instance, a wedding gown in Hyderabad has distinctive styling than bridal gowns that are found in Chennai. So you need to consider all these factors before finalizing the wedding gown for the occasion.

If the dress code is not mentioned, then you can ask directly to the bride or bridesmaids, or her close friends to avoid oddly appearance in the wedding. If all these options are not available, then go for classic wedding gown styles like a knee-high dress that is not revealing around bust area, and preferably has straps, or covered shoulders.

In case the dress code is given, then how can you comply with it.

Semiformal or Semi-casual dress code:

  • Choose darker and formal colors for the evening wedding, whereas go for lighter shades for a daytime event.
  • Ladies go for a cocktail dress either long or with a skirt and top.

– Festive Dress Code:

  • Festive themes mean more fun and liberty to play with the look. So you are free to go for cocktail dress with bold colors, and complement the look with playful accessories.
  • Pick fun colors for your wedding gowns and pair them with dramatic accessories to go with the theme of the wedding.

Casual Dress Code:

  • Most of the weddings with casual dress code happen in outdoors, like beach. It means the wedding is more laid-back, in terms of wedding attire. It doesn’t mean you can come in jeans, tank tops or shorts, otherwise stated.
  • A summer sundress is perfect for outdoor weddings. Choose the fabric as per your needs. Don’t go towards formal side.
  • For the spring weddings you can go for pastels like blush pink and floral intricacies to perfectly blend with the season’s theme.

Don’ts of a Wedding Gown:

  • Avoid flashy colors which make you sparkle like the crystal balls.
  • The aim of your wedding dress shouldn’t be to overpower the bride style.
  • Avoid too fancy shoes in which you can’t comfortable. Instead, go for functional shoes that are aesthetically appealing and are weather suitable as well.
  • Go for wedding gown in any shade than white. Remember this is not the day when you want to compete with bride. So go for any lighter or darker shade, but not white.

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