How to find the Right wedding Gown for you?

You are all excited and can’t wait to have the most perfect wedding gown on this planet. Right?

This is the story of every going-to-be-bride. So we can totally understand the rush in your veins, and at the same time mess in your mind. Before you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wedding dresses, take out few minutes to familiarize yourself with the types of wedding gowns, their pros and cons.

You are about to read a wedding gown strategy to find a perfect wedding dress for you that fits you just like glove. So are you ready to reveal all your feminine assets and curves in the most flattering way?

We guess yes. So keep reading.

To be armed with your personalized wedding gown strategy, you need to first find out what is your body type. About different types of women body and suitable wedding gown for each one of them we have already discussed in our previous blogs. Once you have the rough picture of wedding dress for you, then proceed further.

This blog post is the brief summary about the wedding dress styles that you can’t afford to miss.

But before that, go through these three crucial tips by Monique Lhuillier, a renowned designer in bridal couture, to find your perfect wedding gown.

  1. Conscious design:

Go for a flattering silhouette. Choose what can enhance your feminine assets and camouflage your challenging area, if areas. Most importantly, no matter what kind of gown you choose, it should never overpower your personality.

  1. Luxurious detailing:

Pay attention to the kind of fabrication and detailing used in the gown. A bride should never forget that only when every construction on the gown represents her taste, then only she can pull of a certain style with confidence. So to look appealing on your D-day, focus on every detail of your dress.

  1. Wedding setting:

There is no point of choosing the ball gown wedding dress for a beach wedding. It will end up soiled and you would also find it really difficult to carry it in such setting. So though you have the liberty to choose your wedding gown style, you must consider the location of your wedding in mind to stay comfortable throughout the proceeding.


Other things that can make your invest on the right piece include:

– Fabric of the wedding gown.

– Your budget.

Fabric of the wedding gown again depends upon the season in which your wedding taking place. For instance, in summer wedding breathable fabrics like cotton can keep you comfortable. Whereas for cold season, even the heavy fabrics like georgette won’t be pain to carry.

– There is no need of wasting time on gowns that your budget doesn’t allow. So be clear about the upper and lower limit of your budget beforehand to make your wedding gown shopping experience easy and fast.


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