Unique Winter Wedding Gown Tips to Fall in Love with..

The style of every woman is different and hence deserves something unique to enhance her appeal. A wedding gown is the most special outfit of a woman’s life, which will be remembered and treasured by her for the rest of her life.

If you seek to look unique and impressive on your wedding day, just like an angel, it is important for you to find out what suits you well first. Is it a ravishing color, theme, style, glamor or simplicity that tempts you the most?

In this blog post, you will come to know some great Christian wedding gown styling tips that can give you an exclusive look and appealing at the same time.

Winter Wedding Gown Tips


wedding gown fabric

Winters mean more coziness and warmth. It arises the need of fluffy feathers and luxe lace fabrics for a winter wedding gown. They don’t just keep you warm but also wraps your body with soft fibers that feel so good to your skin. Interestingly, the soft feathers come in rich textures and with intricate patterns to give the gown a playful look. They have a dreamy appearance as they try to mimic the beauty of winter’s weather and its beautiful landscapes.


Deviating from the white color, winter wedding gowns come in soft tones like light blue, or soft yellow. Incorporate some magical moments to your wedding day by adding some fancy colors to your wedding day. It will brighten up your mood, apart from infusing some more happy moments to the day. Moreover, going for such color give your wedding look rich and vintage feel.


Obviously, you don’t want to spend your wedding day shivering and freezing in the cold. So add sleeves to your winter wedding dress, which can be long or 3/4th. As long as the bodice of the gown emphasizes your female body shape with sleeves, you can look as alluring as in the sleeveless gown. High collared lace top wedding dresses give you the flexibility to go creative with bodice and sleeves.

 Christian Ball Wedding Gown

This is a classic version, which helps to make you feel romantic and live your fairy tale in the ball wedding gown dress. Apart from making you feel like a princess, it keeps your legs warm. Petite women should go for even fluffier and round tulle skirt to look like a sweet, bubbly snow queen on your D-day.

Sequined Bodice Wedding Gown

Those wish to add more glamor to your look, they can add sparkling stuff to the gown. The best way to add shine and glitter to your gown is by going for a sequined bodice. It can be juxtaposed with a heavy, full skirt and upper body featuring beautiful sequins and sparkling crystals.


For personalized touch, go for winter accessories that add both comfort and style to your look. Like, a Russian style faux fur hat, lace ruffles, Tiaras, long or short gloves, warm boots or faux fur shrugs. Belts, bold neck pieces, hats etc, are some other accessories that help to get a dramatic look.


Be that bold and confident bride by adding a faux fur cape with hood, or you can go for a long coat that covers you from neck to toe.


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