Tips for Various Types of Christian wedding Gowns You Should Buy

There is always a big confusion with regard to wedding dress styles. So today we would discuss about the types of bridal gowns in the fashion industry, and which one of them are meant for you. We won’t just describe the striking features of each type, but also give you tips to look perfect in the wedding gown of your choice.

Answer the following questions that you need to answer before digging into various types of Christian wedding gowns.

  1. Do you prefer a short or long wedding gown?
  • For those who desire a trail in wedding gown, a long length would be suitable.
  • But, that doesnt meant short wedding dresses can’t have a trail.
  • Location and season in which you are getting married need to be considered for deciding the right length.


  1. What type of skirt suits your body?
  • Ball gown or Column/Sheath
  • A-line or Mermaid
  • Trumpet or Flared


  1. What kind of back style you want in your wedding gown?
  • Backless or Sheer Net
  • Intricate detailing


Other than the above three vital questions, decide the sleeves and waistline which suit your body type. Now, when you have a general idea about the wedding gown which suits your body frame, let’s move further.

Length of the Wedding Gown:

  1. Long wedding gowns are meant for brides who want to lay emphasis on their bust area and hide the heavy lower part of the body. Skirt options for long bridal gowns are ball gown, straight, A-line, flared and trumpet.
  2. 1-piece short and long wedding dress is short in front and long at the back, possibly a trail is present. There is a 2-piece short and long wedding dress as well in which the long skirt is detachable. It is a cost-effective option to get two wedding dresses in one purchase.
  3. Mid-length gowns are killer for the brides with well-tones legs. They look better for outdoor weddings where the weather, water, or sand on the beach is a concern for your naive wedding dress. This is an elegant length for summer weddings.
  4. Above the knee-length is a bold choice for brides who don’t mind going back into the 1950’s fashion. It is a damn sexy style for the ladies who want the ease and comfort to move in comfortably on their D-day.


Skirt of the Wedding Gown:

  1. Ball gown skirts are suitable for women with pear-shaped body as it highlights the waist and hide the problem area, i.e. the lower body. Women with large bust can go for this skirt since it will help to attain the perfect hourglass figure.
  2. Straight skirts suits on all types of women, with tall and short stature as well. Though this skirt help to make you look taller, but it won’t help you much in hiding your flaws.
  3. Mermaid skirt is a sensuous choice that contours the body from chest to knee and then flares out. It a perfect option to underscore the curves of your body and yet feel comfortable in the outfit. Trumpet dress on the other hand is less dramatic than mermaid.
  4. A-line wedding dress is the most versatile skirt which can flaunt your strong points and hide the flaws with some modifications on the neckline, waistline etc. However, flared skirts are not friendly with every body size. They look best only on slender body frames.


Back of the Wedding Gown:

  1. Women with a beautiful back and feminine shoulders must go for backless wedding dress. Show off your assets in halter necklines, cross-back, sweetheart neckline, strapless gown or thin strapped or key-holed back.
  2. If not backless, then you have the option of going creative at the back with laced fabric, illusion back, or button down neck from top to the hip line. All of them will surely make your back look flattering.


Sleeves of the Wedding Gown:

  1. Long sleeves create a super sexy and elegant look at the same time. You can also go for 3/4th tight fitted or loose fitted sleeves for the classic appearance down the aisle.
  2. For women with toned arms, some appealing sleeves option include cap sleeves, Juliette sleeves, boat neck sleeves and one-shoulder sleeve.


Waistline of the Wedding Gown:

  1. Women with smaller bust should go for wedding dresses that have define waistlines like empire dress. Added fabric embellishments can draw attention to your chest and neckline, giving the fuller bust illusion. It can also help to hide flaws like long torso, short legs or inappropriate body figure.
  2. Depending upon your body type, and style taste, you can make a choice from natural waistline, lowered waistline and lowered waistline with a belt.



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