Wedding Gowns You Can’t Miss at La Fantaisie

From the day he proposes you till your wedding day, you keep dreaming yourself in a lush, beautiful wedding gown. Wrapped in the most astounding wedding gown is the only imagination that keeps you busy till you walk down the aisle. As only imagination is not going to help, you need to enlighten that gray matter(that’s right your brain) little bit beforehand.

With the changing time, the fashion trends do change as well. But, there are some things that we call classic pieces. Likewise, there are classic wedding gowns also which are immune to changing trends. Awareness of these trends will give you the basic idea about what kind of style including sleeves, and silhouettes will suit you. Further, you are more likely to pick the right gown for your wedding day when you are clear about the styles that suits and which don’t.

So here are the top ten very popular styles of wedding gowns which are timeless and yet captivating. A little variation is expected in their designing every year but the essence of the each gown remain same.

  1. Ball Gown:

Feel like a princess in ball gown wedding dresses, aka fairy tale dresses. They come with a fitted bodice and has flairs at the waist, followed by a full skirt. Ball gown wedding dresses accentuate feminism charmingly and look great on hourglass, pear shaped and plus sized to hide the heavy lower body while highlighting your best features. On petites, ball gowns might look overwhelming due to the small frame.  They are generally made of silk fabric and embellished with corset lace.

  1. A-Line Gown:

This kind of gown has a fitted bodice till the waist and then flows freely outwards to the ground. The outline of A-line wedding gowns resembles the uppercase “A” and hence is the name. They are ideal for all body types, hence is a safe option to pick if you are confused about what kind of gown is flattering on your body. They come with high neck, one shoulder, off-shoulder, fancy embroidery and intricate details to glam up your look.

  1. Mermaid Gown:

A fairy tale mermaid look is easy to flaunt with mermaid wedding gowns. They have a close fit on the body from bust to knee and then flares out close to the ground. Since these kind of gowns are skin tight, they look astounding on slender frames and hourglass body shapes. So if you have the toned body or bold enough to show your curves, go for this gown. But, mermaid is a no, no for apple and plus sizes if you don’t want to tell the world you are overweight.

  1. Off-Shoulder Gown:

If the sexy you is all set to amaze the audience in your wedding, go for off-shoulder wedding gown. It can surely turn up the heat, making you the hottest bride in your area. Don’t leave any chance to envy your peers in a off-shoulder wedding gown which only gutsy women can pull off with confidence. No matter you have the collar bone or not, if you are confident enough to carry it, nothing can stop you. It is a sizzling hot gown style which often leave the onlookers spellbind.

  1. V-Neck Gown:

When you dare to be bold, then go get a gown with plunging neckline. Seeing this sassy style of yours, you will definitely become irresistible for your better half. He will adore you, and can’t put his hands off from you. Deep V-necklines help to accentuate your beautiful upper body even if it heavy and give you a ultra-feminine look. An inherent sexy vibe will come out of this curve-skimming silhouette which also elongates your frame.

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