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Style comes in every size. So, what if you’ve a plus size. Actually, the problem is with the wedding dresses which come generally within the regular size range of XS-XL. But what about the XXL? Do women with XXL size should roam around with sheets wrapped around? Obviously not. Then, why plus size is often avoided just because a less majority of the population fall into the category.

Well, the reason could be anything but the problem is why plus size women are told to compromise when it comes to their clothes. And how can one even expect someone to tell a bride to compromise on her wedding dress. It’s almost a crime. Just imagine how bad you would feel if you couldn’t find anything that fits your size. It’s very annoying and disturbing. You would be almost in tears if it happens while finding your dream wedding gown.

wedding gowns plus size

Though the plus size retail market is underdeveloped globally, still we have not forgot to include a gorgeous range of readymade plus size Christian wedding gowns in our online shop. And it’s our small step to put an end the humiliation and stress plus size women face in day-to-day life.  Now, ladies you need not be shy of your chubbiness, we are here working our best to make sure your wedding dress is same as what you’ve dreamed for.

La Fantaisie Gowns

You need not shed few kilos without your will so that you can fit in those regular sizes. If you are comfortable in your skin, our plus size bridal gowns make sure you feel the same even on your wedding day. Now when regular size women find it difficult to find a perfect wedding gown for her, imagine how challenging it would be for plus size women to finalize her dress.

To put an end to the woes of plus size brides, here’s our simple guide to shop the right plus size wedding gown online.

  1. Be Proactive:

For a dreamlike bridal look, you need to put lots of efforts. Don’t expect the store to find you. Instead, research and spend time in finding the best boutique or online wedding shop from where you can get plus size wedding gowns. Prefer online stores it is hard to find plus size wedding gowns in Chennai or anywhere. Once, you’ve found the right place to shop Christian wedding gowns, order it about 8-10 months before your wedding. It would be enough time to make alterations, do rehearsals and avoid any last minute chaos.

  1. Forget Size:

Don’t panic about your size once you’ve got the plus size wedding store. Now, your focus should be on your body shape only. Find out you’ve a pear shape, apple or hour glass figure. Accordingly, filter out the options for you. Every silhouette is not meant for every body shape. For instance, A-line wedding gowns with volume skirts look stunning on pear shape body.

To find out which wedding gown is best suited for your body type, go through our previous blogsour previous blogs.


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