Capes or Veils: Find Out What’s Right for Your Wedding Gown

La Fantaisie Wedding Gowns

Since the wedding is a dream come true for girls, the bridal party gown and it’s each and every detailing certainly holds so much value for going-to-be-bride. While fashion trends might come and go, but there are certain classic pieces which create abiding impressions on onlookers and hence always stay inspirational for the wedding couture.

Today, we are discussing about two such inventions which are constantly evolving wedding dressing styles- capes and veils. Both of these accessories hold the potential to make you the showstopper, only if done rightly.  So, let’s find out which one of them can give your style a distinctive edge on your D-day.


Veil is not a thing of past, many modern women are making style statement by experimenting with body veils. But not every veil is meant for ball gown wedding dresses? So, find out what experts has to say about different kinds of body veils.


– Heavily embellished Christian colored gowns can be stylized with veils in two ways. As per Carla Imbriano, the lead designer at Boutique de Voile, for the princess looks which is all about glitz and glamour, try cathedral veil with scattered Swarovski. Otherwise, for minimal styling try a veil with beadwork along the edge.

– For a breathtaking backside, sheer illusion lace at the back with a customized cathedral can do wonders. Just make sure there are no crystals or glittering artwork in the veil to give you a chic look.

– The royal bridal party gown with a long trail doesn’t need many specifications and can look stunning with any kind of veil. Only thing to keep in mind is veil must past the trail especially if it is beaded to create the desired dramatic and ethereal effect.

– For short bridal wedding dresses, the length of veil needs to be short. Turn up sassy with a birdcage veil or a multilayer veil with your cocktail length or short bridal party gowns.

– If you are planning to get hitched at oceanfront must go for a beachy-bohemian ball gown wedding dress. Strauss recommends chapel veil for beach wedding gowns as this veil looks great while flowing in the wind instead of becoming a hurdle for you.

  1. CAPES

If trail is not your thing and you want something better to trail behind as you walk, capes are for best to steal from the bridal runway. The sensational entry you can make with designer capes adored with fashion-forward styles. Not just for making a fashion statement, but ladies who are concerned about the religious ceremony would find capes as the modest layering.

Sheer lace caplets, or a shimmery sheath, beaded cape with feather trim or full-length shimmery layer, there are many alluring options to accentuate the splendour of your bridal party gowns. For A-line Christian wedding gowns, high neck capes would be perfect while those who are going for the vintage look, they must stick to billowing cape.


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