Types of Wedding Gown Necklines

Going through every detail of wedding gown by soon-to-be brides is quite expected. But what’s not expected is choosing wedding gown by blindly believing your peers’ recommendation. It’s good to take suggestions from your friends and relatives but buying decision should not be entirely dependent on their references.

It is advisable to do prior research not just about the latest trends of wedding gowns but also their types, fabrics, style, color, like we have discussed earlier in our blog. Today, we are going to discuss another important aspect of wedding gowns, i.e. necklines.

You believe it or not, but necklines do have a role in enhancing your charm. All efforts you put from the search till the buying of a wedding gown might go waste if a wrong neckline encounters you on the wedding day. And we are pretty sure you won’t let that happen on your grand day.

So, ladies just have a look at various types of wedding gown necklines and their salient features. This guide would make sure you don’t fall for the wrong wedding gown, so read it till the end.

  1. V NECK:

Those sexy plunging necklines at the front or back expose neck and décolletage. This revealing neckline won’t be a good option for a traditional church ceremony and a perfect style to flaunt in a laid-back civil ceremony or for an abroad wedding location.

Sweet Heart V-Neck Ball Gown
Sweet V-Neck Ball Gown

Good: V-necks are good for apple shapes and hourglass figures.

Bad: Not meant for either too smaller or too bigger bust/


With a shape of a top half-heart, this is the prettiest neckline for ladies who want to be all feminine on their D-day.  It exposes the central part of the neck and well suited for medium to heavy busts. This is the most sensational neckline due to the romantic connotation and Cinderella reminiscence it creates.

Elegant Mega Sleeves Crystal Hanging Ball Wedding Gown
Sweet Heart Wedding Gown


Good: Best for fully-endowed bust

Bad: Not a good idea for women with décolletage impairment


For traditional wedding, this is the modest choice as it gives extra coverage for an elegant look. Generally, women prefer bateau neckline with lace overlay to give the hint of skin through the fabric. As this neckline tend to enhance the bust area, so you avoid it.

a Close up Wedding gown
Bateau Neckline Gown


Good: For small cups

Bad: For heavily endowed bust


Full of elegance and romance, this is the most DESIRABLE neckline among all. But wait, it’s not meant for everyone. If you have got a gorgeous necklace, it would be your dearest but if you have heavy upper arms and bust, it’s your enemy. Also, for women with small bust, strapless would do no good to you.

Strapless Wedding Gown

Good: For great collarbones and shoulders

Bad: For small cups


It looks amazing on almost all body shapes; such is the grandeur of off shoulder. It sits below the shoulders to emphasize your collarbones and shoulders. It would add oomph to the look of women whose bust is medium to fully-endowed. But if you have a heavy upper arm or not confident carrying off-shoulder, better go for the portrait.

Off Shoulder Full Sleeves Ball Wedding Gown

Good: Heavy bust and pear body shape.

Bad: Full arms and broad shoulders.



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