10 Secrets that Make You Fall in Love with Your Wedding Gown

All eyes are on you when you walk down the aisle and so are on your wedding gown. Each and every detail of the gown would be examined and re-examined by the attendees of the wedding, which puts every bride under the pressure of looking her best.

Moreover, it’s your day when you want to enjoy the whole world attention by being nothing less than the prettiest bride ever. Does it sound complicated? We are going to tell you TEN TOP SECRETS to make a “spellbinding appearance” on your D-day.

  1. Sneak-Peek

 Don’t hide it all. Give a hint of your flawless beauty in lace wedding gown. Delicacy and romanticism of white Christian wedding gown can go anywhere from decent to sexy with an intricate lace detailing.

  1. Shimmer Glamor

Shimmer of sequins adds the glowing spark to your overall look. In India, there are many wedding gown shops where the charm of sequins is available in small-light sequins (for subtle look) to large-darker sequins (for glamorous look).

  1. Keep it Low

Bold and seductive- plunging necklines of Christian wedding gowns are wooing Goa brides. You too can look sensational by giving a miss to straps. With long sleeves and gloves, low neck wedding gowns give a vintage yet elegant look.

  1. Call it racy

Make a red carpet entry in backless bridal gown for a beach or summer wedding. You can go for a keyhole back or heat up the atmosphere in backless. Else, buy wedding gowns online with an artistic work at the back to make a statement with poise.

  1. Love of fluff

Is there a hidden ballerina in you? Then, you would love the tulle fabric which makes gorgeous layers due to its fluffy material. In Chennai, Delhi or Goa, anywhere you can easily get tulle wedding gowns with full skirt, as overlay or in mermaid form.

  1. Slit it Up

Higher the slit goes, the sexier you become. This is so true for designer wedding gowns available online with thigh high slits. You can still be traditional while you reveal your gorgeous legs in floor length dress with side or front leg slits.

  1. Cuts to envy

Wedding gown with fancy cutout is all you need to flatter everyone around. Sizzling hot or sober diva, there are many ways to experiment with your look in well cutout wedding gowns. They draw more attention by adding alluring charm.

  1. Pretty Lil’ Things

It’s simply magical how beads turn the bride ultra-glamorous. From online wedding gown shop, you can get beaded bodice to highlight your bust, beaded necklaces to adorn your collar bone or beads along the straps to flaunt your back with pride.

  1. Playful Details

An extra detailing is always good to make things interesting. Ruffles are playful add-ons to make you feel like a princess. Choose the best Christian wedding dress with ruffled skirts or corset lacing to reflect your playful side.

  1. Color pop

Why so serious? Bring some color on traditional white wedding gown to tell them you are full of life. Light tones like taupe, pink or blue to bolder shades of red, orange and purple, you have the entire rainbow spectrum to celebrate your day with flamboyance.


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