Which Christian Gown Silhouette Is Meant For You?

What are silhouettes and what role do they play in choosing Christian wedding gowns? The cut of the gown is what we call a silhouette and it is the essence of every Christian gown styling. It is considered as the most vital element since it sets the moods for the entire garment. Bell shaped dress or the A-line bodice, each one is fabricated to adorn a particular body type.

Read on to find out the perfect bridal dress silhouette which is meant to adorn you.

  1. Sheath:

Known for its slim profile, the sheath is a modern version of conventional Christian wedding gowns. This silhouette closely follows body curves to accentuate feminine side of yours. So, if you are pretty confident about your figure, go for colorful Christian gowns which are characterized by low waistline in either V or U shape. Since this silhouette gives a shorter appearance, it is not a good option for everyone.

Then who should buy Christian dresses in Delhi? If you are tall and thin or even petite but slim, then you must go for this style. It gives an hourglass shape to taller brides and adds lengths in case of petite brides. For hourglass or a pear shape figures as well this cut is preferable but definitely not a good option for brides who have something to hide.

  1. Ball Gown:

For reception, colorful ball gowns are highly favored. They have dropped waistline and are generally characterized by a fitted bodice and full skirt. Pleats throughout the skirt make ball gown Christian dresses so lovable. They are popular from ages and are best known for their royal feel. So, if you are thinking of going to any lavish party or it’s your own grand reception party, then you should definitely buy Christian colorful ball gown dress in Delhi.

Ball wedding gown collection La Fantaisie

They come in a wide range of shades to suit every taste. But, it doesn’t mean anyone can wear them. They look good only on skinny and pea shaped brides since ball gown Christian dresses add volume and hide everything. However, those who are petite or have heavy bust should avoid it.

  1. A-Line

Highly recommend for everyone, A-line cut is a savior for all. It is narrow at the top and extends along the body in an elongated manner forming a triangle or ‘A’ shape. Considering its versatility, A-line Christian dresses can be found in a variety of colors in Delhi. Their clean and ungathered skirts look wonderful on various body types. Interestingly, they too have princess cut travelling from bust to hem. Further, they have many variants including circle skirt with a wide A-line full skirt.

If you are unsure what will go best with your body shape, A-line Christian wedding and reception gowns are the safest options to choose.


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