Break the Norms to be the Trendsetter in Your Wedding

A white wedding dress was an obligation until Queen Victoria among other royal brides chose to walk the aisle in colourful designer gowns.  Since then brides have moved from conventional “white wedding gown” and dare to experiment with their bridal look. With emerging color options, it seems like wedding gowns collection in India is going flamboyant than ever before. But it takes a brave heart to choose colors above a conventional dress code.

If you are ready to make a bold style statement on your D-day, have a look at our top four sizzling colour options available for party wear gowns in Delhi.

  1. Pink Blush

    Princess Pink wedding gown India
    Bride wearing Pink Princess Reception Gown by La Fantaisie

Pink tint to the wedding gown is the best way to brush up your feminism. Stick to light tones to not get too far away from the white and be somewhere in between peach and ivory. Those with fair complexions would find this color utterly flattering on their skin. So, don’t be restricted to the peachy side when you have the options to go anywhere from coral pink, topaz to mink. All shades of pink on cocktail party wear gowns evoke romanticism while underscoring your girly side. Buy wedding gowns with blush tones in chiffon with tulle or other embellishments to make your D-day more memorable.

  1. Red Hot

    Red colour wedding gown
    Aditi Arya FBB Miss India 2015

Be sensational in blood red bridal wedding gown to turn heads as you pass the walkway. The color of love and passion, it would be a perfect shade to make a part of your wedding. Cherry, crimson, scarlet or ruby, the intensity of red might vary in all these shades but they all serve the purpose of going bold effortlessly. Most influential wedding gowns in Delhi can be found in this color to stun everyone out there including your husband to be. Lace, ruffles, feathers and anything you like would look captivating enough on red party wear gown to take everyone’s breath away.

  1. Classic Black

    Colourful Wedding Gowns Delhi
    Nisha Krishnan in Black Gown By La Fantaisie

Timeless black can outline your curves in the most sensuous manner. Though black wedding gown is not considered as a good option by many brides, but it can certainly make you look gorgeous even when you have put on extra pounds. It is worth buying classic black designer gown in India as it suits all complexions and can look even more magnetic when paired with glittering accessories. Diamonds studded belt or feathery embellishments make black party wear gowns more desirable.

  1. Blue ClueCinderella wedding dress Delhi

Be the queen of the day when you step out in deep blue wedding gown available in Delhi at reasonable prices. Majestic and royal, this shade works best when all you need is to grab eyeballs without doing much. Other than that, you can try sapphire, arctic or porcelain blue for your designer wedding gown to be fresh as mint. Add more flavours by incorporating layers, silk organza or Cinderella skirt in light sky hues.

Looking for more bridal wear options? Checkout our top 10 wedding gowns that are creating a BUZZ online.


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