Expert’s Guide to Rock the Look in Cocktail Party Wear Dresses

Cocktail dresses have the versatility to go with both formal and semiformal parties. Therefore, a myriad of colour options are available for designer cocktail dresses in Delhi. They are suitable to wear in any social event, office party, wedding receptions or business parties. Though online portals are flooding with such dresses but it can go sometimes annoying when it comes to choosing the best for you. So, here’s a thoughtful guide for you to make the process of choosing an ideal coloured wedding gown online confusion free.

  • Focus on your features:

No one is perfect, so there’s no point of feeling conscious about your flab or short stature. Hiding your flaws is the sign of insecurity. Instead, you must focus more on enhancing your best features. Not all cocktail dresses in Delhi are meant for you, each style is dedicated to a specific body type. For instance, dresses with extra inches above the knee bring focus to toned legs while low necklines bring attention towards your graceful profile. So, it is better to know about a designer cocktail dress well before buying it.

Actor ganesh venkatraman pre wedding photoshoot
Nisha Krishnan in a La Fantaisie Wedding Gown 

Just remember every colourful gown online has one focal length, you just need to decide which part of your body you admire the best and won’t mind it flattering people. It entirely depends on you how you feel confident and how you want to present yourself? It could be your face, smile, eyes or waist that others might envy if highlighted with smartness. For instance, a classic black designer cocktail dress with large earrings is enough to make everyone praise the flawless look of your face.

  • Accessorize like a Pro:

Accessorizing doesn’t mean wearing entire stuff that goes with the colour of your dress. Instead, accessories are designed to achieve a certain look and the appeal of colourful gowns can totally change depending upon the accessories you used. So, it’s upto you to turn out as a showstopper or simply the blunder. So, while buying reception colourful gowns or any other cocktail dress, keep certain points in mind. Like, would it go with your gold jewellery, or it can be worn with a pair of colourful heels or how many handbags can blend with it?

Miss India 2015 Aditi Arya 4
Miss India Aditi Arya in a La Fantaisie Collection


Imagine the designer cocktail dress you intend to buy with big earrings, dark shade of lipstick and glittering bracelets for the glamorous look. Then, with the same dress imagine yourself in nude lip shade, dangling earring and low key makeup with formal heels for formal party. It would help you to test the versatility of the dress.


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