Nothing good to wear in wedding, is it the reason for your restless nights? Though there are plenty of options available online to make your search for the wedding dress super exciting, yet if you are clueless which one would be your showstopper dress, then have a look at sizzling trends of the year.

Slits that go high

It was the sensational step took by the connoisseurs of the fashion industry to change the precept we see wedding dresses. These days online wedding gown shops are filled with front slits to shed the conventional look of brides. Thigh slit, side slit or the knee length slit, there are many variations for wedding gowns in Chennai that can blow your mind.  buy wedding gowns online

Princess Veil

Yes, you are the princess and your prince is about to take vows with you. Be prepared for this life changing experience in the veil dress. Buy wedding gowns online with veil at the back instead of head to give a romantic and elegant touch to your walk till the church.

New Arrival Fashion Elegant Puff Sleeve Ball Gown
Bridal Wedding Gown
Flowery Wedding gown

 Bell Sleeves

They might remind you of the retro time but this 70’s look is still in for the brides who want to be wild and free. Buy wedding gowns online with bell sleeves to swing your sleeves up and down and have the best time on your D-day. They are perfect for those who are going to have ceremony at Steve Nick’s church.

Fringes all around

Those subtle, delicate fringes all around the dress make everyone go oh-la-la-la. From wedding gowns in Chennai get your fringe dress now if you’ve got that slim and sleek body to flaunt. On the skirt or at the top or all throughout the dress, big or small-small fringes, they come in many patterns to go swishing.

Asymmetrical Hemlines

One of the best creations that grabbed many eyeballs at the Bridal Fashion Week were asymmetrical hemlines. You can easily get them from wedding gowns in Chennai if you don’t mind to go spunky on your runway. Short and then long, they carry a fascinating flair to make you not so sober bride.

Punjabi Wedding Lehenga
Designer Wedding Gown

Go Red

If you want to just break all rules and go loud in your wedding. Red is your colour to look fabulously stunning without many efforts. At online wedding gown shops you can easily see the charming variety available in red to stun all the ladies out there.  online wedding gown shopping in India

For more options and upcoming styles, scan the collection of wedding gowns in Chennai.


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