Discover the many Shades of Traditional Bridal Dresses in India

India has a rich culture and every state is different from the next. The difference goes beyond language and extends to the food that people eat and the kind of clothes that they wear. Weddings are no exceptions and there are many different types of bridal wear that you get to see as you move from one end of this amazing country to the other. Here are the 5 most popular bridal dresses in the country

Christian Wedding Gowns

For a world that has grown up on a steady diet of Hollywood movies and English TV shows, the rituals of a Christian wedding are better known to people these days than the traditions of their own culture. When you think of a Christian wedding, the image of a gorgeous bride walking down the aisle in a long white gown, and the groom waiting for her at the front dressed in a Tuxedo, is universally accepted.

Christian Wedding Dresses India

  • Bridal gown made using rich fabric, and decorated with gorgeous embroidery and laces
  • A semi transparent and beautiful veil to cover the head of the bride is also an integral part of the Christian wedding
  • Matching gloves, sashes, and jewellery complete the bridal attire.

Punjabi by Nature Punjabi by Culture

Punjabis are famous for their extravagant weddings, and the traditional lehenga dress that the bride wears on her special day. A lehenga is sensuous and traditional and really brings out the feminine side of a woman.

Punjabi Wedding Lehenga

  • The lehenga that a Punjabi bride wears is made from heavy fabric and is heavily embroidered.
  • It is common to see lehengas with gold work, as well as precious gems studded on it.
  • The gold jewellery that the bride wears is heavy, yet elegant, and looks very opulent.

 Kashmiri Traditional Wedding Dress

The beauty of Kashmir, and its women is well known. People swear upon the grace and radiance of Kashmiri women, and a Kashmiri bride is particularly stunning.Kashmiri traditional wedding dress

  • A Kashmiri bride traditionally wears a fashionable salwar kameez on her special day
  • The bridal salwar kameez is brightly colored and beautifully embroidered

 Bengali Bridal Dress

Bengali women are considered sexy and luscious, and there wedding dresses are just as titillating. A soft and graceful sari worn in the traditional Bengali style is preferred by the bride-to-be.Bengali wedding dress

  • The Bengali bride usually wears a sari that is draped in the trademark Bengali style
  • Gold jewellery adorns her entire body and covers her from head to toe.

 Rajasthani Bridal Wear Dress

Rajasthan was home to the Rajputs, the warrior clan, and their brides look like warrior princesses on their wedding day. A traditional dress known as Poshak is traditionally worn by a Rajasthan bride.Traditional dress rajasthan

  • The poshak worn by the bride is a hybrid of a lehenga, and a shalwar kameez, and hugs the bride’s body perfectly.
  • Gold jewellery adorns her body and looks like an impressive armour

 Muslim Bridal Dress

Muslim weddings are well known for elaborate rituals and graceful women who dress modestly for the occasion as per the laws of the religion.


  • From traditional salwars to modern gowns, all kinds of bridal dresses can be seen at a Muslim wedding
  • The hijab, or traditional veil, is a major part of the Muslim bridal getup, and you will rarely see a wedding where the bride is not wearing one.

 Buddhist Bridal Dress – Depends on the Cultural Environment

Buddhism started in India, and the country has many followers of the religion. Being a peaceful and simple religion, there are not many traditions surrounding the wedding. Simple and elegant clothes are worn by the couple, and the blessings of a monk are usually sought to solemnize the event.Buddhist ritual wedding dress

  • The bride wears a simple dress, which can be a gown, a salwar, or a sari depending on the region
  • There are few jewellery, if at all that the bride wears. Focus is towards simplicity.

 Parsi Wedding Dress

The Parsi community in the country may be small but they bear a majot impact on the nation due to their strong business presence. The Parsi wedding is a long and elaborate affair and can often go on for days.parsi wedding

  • Jama pichhoir is the traditional dress that the Parsi bride wears. White colours are most popular.
  • The Jama pichhoir is a gender neutral dress, and both the bride as well as the groom wear it.
  • Kunkun is often applied to the forehead of the bride for good luck.

Share your views and your traditional dress ideas in the comment section.


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