Why You Should Choose a White Wedding Gown ?

Why to Choose a White Wedding Gown

Most of the wedding that we see all over the world has the brides wearing white wedding gowns. They give a lot of importance to white. Many brides are of the opinion that white is pure, perfect and of course stunning. When there are so many other colors available, why do we see women choosing only white? Even after several centuries, we still see white as the predominate color for wedding gowns. Know more about the white wedding gowns here.

White Wedding Gown

Let us Try to Understand the Reason for it

  1. Traditions – It won’t surprise to see tradition as one of the reason to choose white color. Pure white symbolizes purity and when one wedded in a church they always chose white.
  2. History – History has it that when Queen Victoria of England wore white wedding dress in 1840, it became the most popular and the most loved dress. Since then every bride wishes to wear white wedding gown as it symbolizes royalty and grandeur.
  3. Significance – Since 1840, brides love white and want to be seen it. Today white wedding gown symbolizes grand wedding and many parts of the world associate white with the wedding attire. White has been associated with wedding and that is why white comes automatically to brides.
  4. Fashion trends – Fashion designers also create styles in white colors that further attract brides. Various fashion trends are seen in wedding gowns only with white colors. Modern brides also choose white short dress or white ball gowns for their wedding, which look gorgeous.
  5. Symbolic – White is mostly associated with purity, innocence, beginning, and virginity. White is also symbolic because it is associated with the holiness of the church. It also shows how true you are and how determined you are. White also symbolized wealth, which is why only the wealthy would wear it, because back then white was expensive and to be worn just once was possible only for the rich.

Different regions have different meaning for white. American brides however are seen to love white. Europeans too follow the traditional way of wearing whites. However, one can definitely adapt another color for their wedding gown. There are many facts regarding white wedding gown. Western society is however more inclined towards wearing white. Also due to the importance associated with tradition and spirituality, we see white wedding gowns. White wedding gowns today are more fashionable and look great as they come in various types of fabrics, which is also the reason why modern brides love white wedding gowns.


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