Western Style Wedding Gowns – Creating a BUZZ in India

Western Style Wedding Gowns Creating a Buzz in IndiaWedding gowns in India are getting more popular for its western style and the modern cuts that wedding gowns come with. Indian brides also want to dress up in the most gorgeous way including the lace and bead work done on them. Christian Indian wedding also has the same glamour and craze for fashion. India has some of the most beautiful wedding gowns collection that come in the form of saris and gowns.

Indian brides

Indian Christian brides will traditionally go for a white gown or a white sari. She even has bridesmaids and a bouquet of silk flowers and also flower girls. The same rituals are carried out on a wedding as anywhere else. It can be a church wedding or a theme wedding, or a simple wedding, the gown and the fun is more important here as well. Indian weddings have more fanfare and the unending guest list too dress their best. One can find a great variety of wedding gowns in India that are made by designers and also custom made.

India is a vast country and different parts of the country come with different rituals as well. However, one thing that is common is the wedding gown of the bride that needs to be pretty. Most brides used to wear saris, but today they are bolder and want to experience with different kinds of western gowns.

The trend is positive and brides know about the various types of wedding gowns that can help them look great on their wedding day. We see a new trend towards modern gowns as well and more and more brides have become conscious about what they wear on their special day. It is not just the gown, but also the wedding accessories too.

Christian wedding gowns in India are more flamboyant and the designs are a good blend of Indian and western styles.


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