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Wedding Gowns for Your Special Day

While most believe India to be primarily a Hindu country, there is hardly a religion in the world that does not have a presence in the country. The practitioners of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, and more peacefully coexist in the country, and in some areas, they even outnumber the Hindu population. Over 24 million Indian nationals follow Christianity, and live their lives according to their faith. The freedom of the Indian constitution allows practice of religious traditions, which includes wedding ceremonies and prayer rituals. The traditional Christian wedding evokes an image in the mind of a person, that is largely consistent all over the world. A church hall where the groom is expectantly waiting at the altar, when his beautiful bride steps in, dressed in one of the finest Christian wedding gowns.

Say I Do with La Fantaisie
Courtesy : Amazing Carl Fredricksen & Ellie in UP – The Movie

Christian Weddings Getting More Common  in India?

In the North Eastern states like Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya, where the Christian population makes up the majority, traditional weddings are a common sight. The same holds true for Southern states like Kerala, and Goa where a large number of Christians live. The popularity of Hollywood movies and TV shows has made sure that most people now know what a traditional Christian wedding looks like, and with the rise in the Christian population in the country, such weddings have become commonplace in India as well.

Perfect Dress for the Beautiful Bride

Making the bride look perfect takes a lot of effort. The wedding gown, and the dozens of accessories that are worn along with it, come together to make the bride look like an angel. Christian wedding gowns in India has become a popular way of getting all dresses and accessories needed by the bride to look perfect on her wedding, and La Fantaisie offers brides an easy way to order this package online. Now you can get bridal dresses and accessories from a single online destination, and complete your wedding shopping faster, by visiting La Fantaisie.


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