Origin of Wedding Gowns: Then and Now

A wedding gown is the dress worn by the bride on her wedding day. The history has seen a lot of changes in the types of wedding gowns worn across the countries and cultures and the white wedding gowns that we see today, were popularized merely at the start of the 19th century.

The wedding gowns in the ancient times, were symbols of the richness and the status of the family of the bride and often, the bride would wear the most expensive fabric and the most expensive jewelry that her family could afford in order to show off her family’s status on the day of her wedding. The wedding gowns of the ancient times came in various fabrics and colors and the brides used to wear bright colors for the big day, especially in the eastern cultures, where red was seen as a color of auspiciousness. However, the trend of white wedding dresses was started by the royal family and the church, as white color was equated with the purity of the bride and often seen as a symbol of her virginity and modesty in front of her husband.

The modern times have seen a widespread increase in the designing of wedding dresses to give them the unique look, as brides from around the world, wish to look their best on their wedding day. Many brides hire a designer to make a unique wedding gown for them, along with the various accessories and jewelry. There has been a steady increase in the market for wedding gowns and dresses as the women of today are becoming more and more conscious about their looks. The fashion industry has an entire division, which is dedicated to the wedding fashion and deals with the different types of gowns and bridal dresses available throughout the world.

Wedding gowns, especially the white one, has been quite popular in the western world since their inception. However, with the increase in the Christian population in India, the western wedding gowns have seen a steady growth in their popularity and demand. Nowadays, Christian wedding gowns collections are becoming a style statement and people from even outside the Christian community are taking interest in wearing wedding gowns on their marriage, as the Christian style weddings are getting popular among the elite groups in the societies. The demand for wedding gowns in India has increased manifold in the past few years and has resulted in the increase in sales of Christian style wedding gowns in the country and therefore, there has been a steady increase in the wedding gown makers and designers in the country, which cater to the demands of the Christian community and the others who are interested in buying wedding gowns for their weddings.


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